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Government Incentives Boost Green Real Estate in Ontario

At a recent seminar I attended about Green Real Estate, I heard about the challenges some home-sellers faced when they tried to sell energy efficient features of their home. These sellers received zero dollar

ארובה לקמיןvalue for a $35,000.00 solar energy system on the resale of their homes! The buyers were interested in the energy saving features, but not willing to put a dollar value towards the improvements.ארובה לקמין

The Ontario government is leading the way to energy reform by tabling a new Bill 101 – Home Energy Audit Act 2008, an act respecting energy rating for specified residential buildings. This Energy Rating Act, if passed by Ontario Government, will require anyone selling a house or low-rise building to disclose the results of a home-energy audit to prospective buyers. New homes will also come with energy ratings.

Responsible home owners will finally benefit from retrofitting their homes with energy saving features. Homes that require less energy will increase in property value. כורסאות מעוצבותHome efficiency ratings will create a demand for new and resale homes that use less energy, ultimately increasing their property value compared with less-efficient homes and pressuring new home builders to go beyond minimum building code standards.

In addition, the government is providing funds to help home owners make their homes more efficient. At this time the government will pay 50% (up to $150.00) for a home energy audit and then a further amount towards certain projects suggested in the audit report. The energy grants can also be combined with the new Federal Canadian Home Renovation Tax Credit of up to $1350.00.

A feed in tariff program is a way for governments to kick off the third industrial revolution which is migrating from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

Usually it consists of providing long term contracts to industry and the population by buying power from them that is generated by solar, wind, bio-gas or water generation. The contract prices will be calculated based on the investment made and a good return on investment, enough to encourage the movement.

In our grid based centralized power system, we will move from the big power plants to a distributed power system. For the small systems less than 10Kw this is not a problem, but for larger systems some local economic tests must be made to make sure that it is worthwhile in a particular area for the power companies to invest in changing the wires and transformers to accept the new power.

How long has this program being running?

The new FIT program started last October. There are two parts to it, the FIT and the microFIT for systems less than 10Kw. The FIT program has been very successful to date and 2900Mw in contracts has been awarded so far.


Home Improvement Guide: Tips to Avoid Challenges During Home Repair Jobs

When you are doing home improvements, you may have considered having your house painted in order to upgrade it and make it look nicer. If you decide to hire workers to do this job for you, you may want to make sure they are not taking excessive breaks on your time. הובלת דירה מחירים
This is a home improvement scam that many do not even consider. If you are paying for a full eight hour day, you do not want your workers or painters only working five. That means they are getting a full three hours of pay without earning it.

Because of the enormous amount of work painting your house entails, this can add up to quite a sum in the long run. You work hard for your money and you קבלני איטוםshould only expect the same from your workers.

If they are not giving you work then you may have to fire them and hire some workers that will do the work for the time they are at your house.
There have been instances reported where the workers were supposed to be painting the house and instead were helping themselves to the pool and the Jacuzzi instead of working and were getting paid for it.

If you are like me, you are very partial to uses your personal areas and I would not tolerate this type of דלתות אלומיניום בירושליםbehavior nor would I continue to use any workers who would willing do this, even if it is on their lunch break unless I gave them permission first. This is a huge breach of etiquette and if you know your neighbors well, you may want them to call you if anything like this is going on while your home improvements are being done.

You may want to also set some ground rules with the workers who are painting your house. Make sure they understand what areas are off limits and where you expect them to take their breaks and lunches.

You may also want to let them know that they are only allowed a certain amount of breaks or a certain amount of time for lunch. You do not have to pay for lunch breaks, but breaks are generally covered when you are paying by an hourly rate.

Let them know that you will not tolerate excessive breaks and that you will be around at certain times to see how the work is progressing. Remember that you are the boss and you have final say as to what goes and what does not.

The Year 5 Sound Start Project

This is a national venture began by Brendan Le Page in conjunction with Croydon Music Service. It joins the American Band educational cost and the British authority instrumental instructing to make a year long key stage 2 class music venture for year 5. The Sound Start task is advanced by the legislature and by ofsted as one of the augmenting open doors. There are three Sound Start ventures up and running, wind band, metal band and string symphony. Every undertaking includes three individuals from staff, a metal and woodwind authority who work close by the class educator.

Every task included one class of year five youngsters and every kid figures out how to play a woodwind, metal or percussion instrument inside a band setting. The venture is based around the national educational modules for year 5 (key stage 2) along these lines it includes perusing straightforward documentation and rhythms, singing, arrangement, musical structure, amicability and progression.

The undertaking comes full circle in a show toward the end of the school year. The youngsters play out the band pieces and tunes they have learnt amid the course alongside their own arrangements.

Because of the way of instructing the entire class together, the understudies figure out how to play notes by utilizing numbers. The accentuation is not put on what number of notes they can learn, yet to cover the educational programs in a fun and enlightening path with the result of being to play an instrument a reward. The understudies may just have the capacity to play 6 notes anyway they will have the capacity to play their instrument utilizing the right stance, embouchure, pitch and will have the capacity to watch over their instrument in like manner.